Our History

Ample Fortune's founder Sally Lee started her business with only 2 people, a merchandiser and herself, by renting a small office desk inside an advertising company in Hong Kong. After years of hard earnest work, she took a risk and became an agent, paying her one and only staff with almost her entire salary each month. She named her company Able Glad, helping clients to look for Chinese suppliers and manufacturers through trade partnerships.
By providing efficient and quality services to its customers, Able Glad’s business began to grow and Sally decided to expand her business. She moved the office from a small desk to a small unit. Besides, she developed her own clients’ base and her staff number/office sizes had risen overtime.
We set up our first sample room in Shenzhen in purpose of doing subcontract and trading in China. At the same year, we had also set up two offices in Shenyang and Beijing.
We started doing domestic sales in China, and we set up an office in Shanghai, China for that.
Our first factory in Dongguan, China was set up. Able Glad began its own garment production soon after, quickly garnering interest from international brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Burberry.
In order to keep up with increasing worldwide interest and massive demand, we established a new factory in Sichuan, China.
In order to maintain competitive pricing and technical excellence, we decided to set up a new trading company - Ample Fortune - and a new factory in Yangon, Myanmar. Ample Fortune facilitates the the efficiently handling of complex financial transactions with offshore companies.Our Myanmar factory empowers us to recruit and retain highly-skilled labor while maintaining fiscally-optimal production capabilities.
Further efforts to expand our fiscally-optimal production capabilities led us to begin collaboration efforts with sophisticated joint-venture factories in Vietnam. Our Vietnam Quality Assurance Team is staffed by both experienced Vietnamese and Chinese quality controllers and technicians, as well as translators that facilitate effective communication between our Vietnamese-speaking staff and Chinese-speaking staff.
We are committed to providing excellent value to clients with innovative, cutting-edge technologies, customer-focused service, and well-established company values and methodologies.

With over 1000 employees, 40 sub-contractors, and approximately 30 years of garment manufacturing experience, our increasing client base constantly seeks to collaborate with us to meet their target audience throughout the world. Our expertise allows us provide clients with consistent and dependable service that is highly-adaptable to a constantly-evolving industry and market.